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right now

December 24, 2008

My dear friend Jennifer has tagged me with this one, so here’s the picture:

Right Now

Not too pretty, even though it’s 3:30 am. 


  1. Take a picture of yourself.. riiiiiight.. NOW!
  2. DO NOT change your clothes. DO NOT fix your hair.. Just take a picture.
  3. Post that picture with NO editing.
  4. Post these instructions with your picture.
  5. Tag 10 people to do this!

Since I don’t know enough people to tag 10, I will just ask for folks in general to pick it up.  I hope I get ten hits today. 🙂



April 30, 2006

Please change your address book, link, or little handwritten post-it on the monitor to the following:


******* I AM MOVING!! PLEASE READ THIS!! *******

April 29, 2006

I'd like to cordially invite you to the new home of Red's Basement.  It will be hosted now by  No prolems here at WordPress, just going local and joining some friends…..

New Link:

light time for blogging

April 25, 2006

Just so you're all aware, I'll be going light on the posting for a couple days.  I have a few things going on, and they're going to take a bit of time over the next few days.  I'll get some stuff up here and there, so don't despair…

long weekend gone

April 16, 2006

Again, the posting is light.  It's been a long weekend that was really short.  I haven't had time even to look over the news or anything, so over the next few days I intend to get to that.  This week is supposed to be gorgeous weather, at least for the first few days, so I'll be working in the yard.  Hopefully.

I went to the Sabres game this afternoon / evening.  It was great.  The atmosphere was charged.  The fans were loud.  And security took out three people from my section at the end.  Did anyone else get the impression that Lindy Ruff instructed his boys to leave Darcy Tucker alone?  He was barely touched, almost like the guys avoided him.  I think that was a smart move.  You know the league was all over this game and ready to suspend anyone that got out of line even just a hair.  Typical.  Never get the real infraction, just the retaliation.  But again, I think it was a smart move.  Besides, the Sabres' revenge was in a 6-0 humiliation.  And Tucker was -2.  Sweet.

she said asshat

April 7, 2006

Please, please, if you get a moment, go read this blog.  There's a post about a wayward boy, and an especially well written letter to an airline counter schmuck.  And there's a cool chick that writes it all…

Jen's 14221 Thoughts.  Something special.

buffalo news uses blogosphere reference again

April 3, 2006

The Buffalo News got some for ya today.  In Greg Connors' column in today's edition, he mentions the conversation amongst several blogs about Eliot Spitzer's use of the "Appalachia" to describe upstate New York's economy.

He mentions North Coast Online, The Einach Report, and Buffalo Pundit as being in the loop on this subject.

It's nice to see that some people are seeing this as a legit outlet for public discourse.  Keep it up!

Also, a nice tip to Allthingsjennifer about the iPod shuffle meme.  I'll try it tomorrow, and let you know.

got pub?

April 1, 2006

Mad props to Chris Byrd from In Da Buff for making the Buffalo News!  It's always nice to see a member of the Buffalo Blogosphere makin' some waves.  Also, he's got a new site just for got SATISH? and you can find it here.

Nice work!


March 28, 2006

I am bummed out that I had to miss the "Cocktails With The Coalition" get-together tonight, but with a sick kid and me just getting over a cold I had to rest.  It looked like a fun time.  I'm sure Buffalo Pundit and BuffaloGeek will have a round-up over at their places, so make sure to take a look!

freaking internet

March 28, 2006

I am sorry for the lack of posting, but yesterday was bad….sick kids, sick me, and it took forever to get everyone settledd down.  Then wouldn't you know, Powerlink was down.  By the time I got I got off the phone with support, it was time for bed.  So we'll get to it a little later.  Damn, I'll have to find time at work. 🙂

well that sucked

March 25, 2006

Due to unforseen technical difficulties that I had no control over, posting is limited to almost nothing tonight.  I will attempt to get some stuff out there in the morning.  Just one thought.  I know that the Sabres didn’t play well enough to win tonight, but does it seem that they are hitting an inordinate amount of posts lately, and getting the short end of the officiating (on and off ice)?  No excuses, just an observation.   

blogging in the news

March 15, 2006

By now I’m sure a lot of you have read the article in the Buffalo News about the Buffalo Blogosphere.  Donn Esmonde gives a nice overview of what’s going on, to a certain extent.  One of the things that he mentions is who the bloggers are, and what stereotypical image is out there.  Buffalo Pundit says here how that stereotypical image is a pretty good one, but it’s not the whole story.  And that’s something I certainly can attest to.  Contrary to most ideas of a blogger, I’m just a working class guy.  Warehouse shipping guy, living paycheck to paycheck, got a three bedroom ranch with no garage in the Town of Hamburg.  I’m not connected to big money, and I’m not high in the political hierarchy.  I’m not the ultra-cool city-living guy that everybody associates with blogging.  But you know what?  Here in the blogosphere, I don’t have to be.