The Tour

Hello, and welcome to Red’s Basement.  My name is Red, and I’ll be your guide for the tour.  Please watch your head at the bottom of them, anyone that’s over 6’0″ tall may be risking a forehead welt.  Drinks are in the fridge upstairs, and the 27″ TV over there is ready for all your viewing pleasures.  The stereo is a little old, but very loud.  We can smoke down here, but only really in blizzards and t-storms.  The seats are comfy.  Let me introduce you to your humble host…oh that’s me.

Like I said, I’m Red.  I have long passed 30 but haven’t quite gotten to 40.  I’ve been here in Hamburg for just about my entire life, with a 2 year stint in Orchard Park.  My family is as follows – a beautiful wife, Melissa.  Three beautiful daughters: Megan (not my wife’s daughter, and she lives with her mom, but she’s a princess just the same) is 11, Sammi is 8, and Erin’s 5.  My son, Brendan, is 2.  We also have two cats, Patches and Cookie.

I have just lost my full time job, so I’ll be looking for another one very soon.  No uniforms or suits, preferably.  My wife works for the local cable company.  And no, your TV’s problems are most likely not her fault.  We live over by the lake in Hamburg in the usual 3 bedroom ranch.  And the basement is mine.  Well, as long as the kids aren’t making a mess down here.

I have absolutely no writing or editing skills, so bear with me while I try to learn to be coherent.  I don’t believe in spell-check; I’ll bet on myself to get it right.  I won’t make any promises that I’ll stick to a theme or a particular line of thinking.  I tend to write about what I want to, and I hope you’re OK with bouncing around a LOT.

So, welcome to my Basement.  Red’s Basement.  And don’t forget to duck on your way back up the stairs…

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