The Tour

Hello, and welcome to Red’s Basement.  My name is Red, and I’ll be your guide for the tour.  

Like I said, I’m Red.  I passed 40 but haven’t​even started to think about 50.  I’ve been here in Hamburg for just about my entire life, with a 2 year stint in Orchard Park.  My family is as follows – a beautiful wife, Megan.  Three beautiful daughters: Megan is 17, Sammi is 13, and Erin’s 10.  My son, Brendan, is 7.  We also have three dogs; Tiki, Rowdy, and Moose. We live in a gorgeous old house in the Village, and our neighborhood is one of the best I’ve ever lived in.

I have absolutely no writing or editing skills, so bear with me while I try to learn to be coherent.  I don’t believe in spell-check; I’ll bet on myself to get it right.  I won’t make any promises that I’ll stick to a theme or a particular line of thinking.  I tend to write about what I want to, and I hope you’re OK with bouncing around a LOT.

So, welcome to my Basement, my mind, and my home. 


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