Questions On Thursday

There’s been a lot posted lately on Facebook and other social media about the state of our current president. Honestly, though, I have not seen a dissection of President Trump’s basic motivations that I can completely agree with. I agree that he is narcissistic, bigoted, and generally a spoiled Rich Kid. But what exactly is it that prompts the tweeting at midnight, the infamous “covfefe” tweet as a prime example? The long, rambling, and occasionally incoherent statements in his speeches? I disagree with his policies and positions on everything from health care to foreign policy, but I’ve disagreed with previous presidents on those issues, and not felt as sick and doomed as I do now with Trump as our President. I believe that there is something very wrong with Donald Trump’s physical and mental health. Is it bad medication, is it a disease or disorder of the blood or brain, could it be the onset of dementia? I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, but I can’t believe that all of the chaos and comedy and horror of Trump’s words and actions are that of a man sound of mind and body.

Or he’s just one of the worst human beings on earth. And millions of people voted for him. Which might say a lot about where our country is going if we don’t stop screwing around.

Maybe that’s why I’m searching for a different reason.


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