Hot Air

It looks like I made the paper again; this time, in an article about electric costs and air conditioning.  It’s been interesting to look at my usage this summer, especially once I saw that my bill went up something like 59% from July to August.  Also interesting, and something I plan to take more advantage of, is that the utility companies have a lot of information on your usage that you can actually download into a spreadsheet and analyze at your convenience.  I plan to do this more, especially with the electric and natural gas bills.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about this, or if there’s any software out there to help track this stuff, let me know.  hopefully some analysis and conservation will save me some cash for more fun things…like mortgage payments!



3 Responses to “Hot Air”

  1. meribon Says:

    whatever you do, do NOT switch to an ESCO. I did thinking I’d save $$$ and it turns out the ESCO prices are completely jacked up. I’m spending AT LEAST $50 more a month than if I had just stayed with Con Ed.

  2. Pauldub Says:

    Only time I make the paper or tv is in crowd shots, the back of my head. Then the Kids call me and say “Hey Dad! I just saw your bald spot on Channel 4!”

  3. blaugra Says:

    I don’t know if this answers your question but I met the people from this and entered my address and it told me my energy efficiency in an instant.

    Kind of scary actually.

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