Question For My Mechanic Friends

I’ve got a little problem. You all know that 1989 Festiva I’ve got, right? Well, the front brakes are getting sort of bad, and I’ve got to change the pads and probably rotors. I took the first step the other day; more accurately, I attempted to take the first step, which is to find out how bad the problem is. I jacked up the car, and removed the lug bolts from the left side front tire. Unfortunately, the wheel didn’t pop right off the hub. In fact, I couldn’t get the damned wheel off at all. I beat the rim from the inside with a 3 lb. hammer, and it didn’t budge.

My question is, what the hell do I do next? I’ve got a few ideas. First, up the ante. Get a full size sledgehammer and hit the rim from the inside again. This used to work for me when I worked at Dunn Tire. The problem is that I don’t have a hydraulic car lift, and I hesitate to beat on such a light car while it’s sitting up on a little tiny jack.

I also thought of just taking the car over to a local place like Dunn Tire or Big D, and having them rotate the tires, and let them figure it out.  I just worry that they’ll refuse to move the tires in the first place, since the rear ones aren’t exactly going to pass the next inspection.  They’re a little worn.  OK, a lot worn.

I am stuck.  Like the wheel.  So what should I try next?


One Response to “Question For My Mechanic Friends”

  1. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    I have this problem once in awhile after the winter glues my rims to the hub. Once you take the lugs off, slowly lower the jack so that the weight of the car starts to push down on the wheel. There should be enough downward pressure to pop it free. As soon as it pops, jack it back up so you don’t put too much pressure on the lugs.

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