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Down A Quarter

May 22, 2010

Today was the final weigh-in of my family’s Biggest Loser contest, and the results are in. On January 2nd, I weighed 292.8 pounds. Today, I weigh 267.4 pounds. I have lost 25.4 pounds this year. Not exactly a fiery pace, but I’ll take it. 

The trick, as always, is to continue the things that got me down 25 pounds.  I’ve been pretty good at not eating late at night, and I’ve pretty much cut out pop except for once a week or so.  The hardest thing for me to do is exercise.  I haven’t been able to commit to a regular routine.  If I want to get further, I’ll have to get something figured out so that I can get some regular exercise.

For now, I am glad of the 25 pounds gone, and am looking forward to losing a bit more.  Right after this weekend.


Baseball or NASCAR

May 19, 2010

We’ve reached the end of the line for hockey this year, at least for me.  Though I will thoroughly enjoy the remainder of the NHL playoffs even though the Buffalo Sabres are no longer involved, that will soon end.  Come June, the summer drought of my sports interests will leave me begging for some competitive sport or activity to follow.  Not that my days won’t be full, but the evenings are sometimes longer in the summer and beg for something…

So what’s it going to be – NASCAR or baseball?  I wish someone out there could give me a solid reason to get into one or the other.  I like both, but I feel like I should really get into one of them, to be able to converse intelligently about it. 

Of course, I could pick something else completely…like playing my guitar, or writing a book, or eating to coma-like status. Any ideas?