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Sabres v. Carolina 2.11.2010

February 11, 2010

Tonight the Buffalo Sabres take on a newly resurgent Carolina Hurricanes team that has turned things around a little in the last week; wins over the Sabres, Islanders, and Panthers have them unbeaten in their last three.  Buffalo is reeling, with 5 straight losses.  As a Sabres fan, I think tonight would be a really good night to turn things around.

The big question is “what is wrong with the Sabres?”  I hope it’s a slump;  But the more I see of this team, the more they appear to need just a little more offensive firepower than they have right now.  It wouldn’t hurt to also give a couple guys a press box seat for a game just to shock them out of their complacency.

I think there’s a real need to add a little to this team, but I am not confident that Darcy Regier’s going to make the move.  Katebits and the guys from The Goose’s Roost scared the hell out of me with the following thoughts on Twitter the other day:

  • Darcy will claim that getting Kaleta back from injury will be better than any trade.


  • Darcy will claim that the two week Olympic break will be better than any trade.

That sounds  exactly like Darcy.  It also sounds exactly like a recipe for an early exit from the playoffs.


What Story?

February 9, 2010

Over the last few days I’ve been hearing about a “blockbuster” New York Times story that will contain revelations that will force David Paterson to resign as governor of the State of New York.  Although I am entertained by the notion of another governor being booted for “personal failings”, I think this game may have gone on a little too long this time.  Let’s look at the facts as we know them right now.  Oh, that’s right, there aren’t any.  No story has come out.  No salacious bits of information have been substantiated.  There is NOTHING.  Paterson has rebuked claims of a major expose.

So what happens next?  More to the point, what happens if the story comes out and there’s nothing to it?  Oh, I’m sure there will be references to his actions already disclosed on his first day as governor.  Maybe the Times has some new information on old things.  But what if, essentially, there is no news?  Is Paterson in a postition to turn that back upon the folks that are stirring this pot?  Or is Paterson so far damaged already that he’s done no matter what?  Interesting questions.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for that story.

The Great Failed Experiment

February 1, 2010

Hi!  Remember me?  I’m the guy that used to write a post every day here.  Then, through the vagaries of life and children and jobs I kind of let it go.  I haven’t posted meaningfully here in quite some time.  Some would call it lazy, overwhelmed, writer’s block; there are a million different reasons most of which have to do with the sheer scarcity of time.  However, I am going to assign 95% of the blame two things:  Facebook and the HTC Droid Eris.

About a year or so ago, some dipshit (me) thought I should have a MySpace page, to keep up with people in a certain part of the family.  After about 8 minutes of MySpace, I realized I was about 20 years too old for that, and gave up.  I then moved on to Facebook, and that was where all of my family, peers, and old friends really were.  So began the Facebook odyssey. 

I began to rely on Facebook to keep me in the loop.  Most of the people I interacted with outside of work were on there, and it seemed a reasonable outlet for some of my thoughts.  Slowly, I began to fall away from posting on this blog.  Hell, who are we kidding; I basically stopped.  I thought it was OK.  I was still keeping up on local stuff through old friends at  Many of my blogger friends were on Facebook, too, so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  Facebook became the replacement for my blog-based world, with one small difference:  I wasn’t writing anything anymore, which was OK, because I thought I didn’t have anything to say, or time to say it.

The second scapegoat is my new HTC Droid Eris.  I got the unlimited data package, and it’s perfect for keeping up on Facebook and Twitter, but definitely not for composing anything more than 140 characters at a time.  Also, I can maneuver it with one hand, which is perfect when you’re holding a brand new baby boy.  Everything seemed cool, but I still wasn’t writing anything worth a damn, and it started to bother me a little. 

The big realization, epiphany, awakening, fizzling light bulb above my head, whatever you want to call it, came last night.  Kevin and Kate and Ryan were on Twitter and kicking around an impromptu “blogger” get together at a local bar to watch the Sabres game tonight.  At that time it occurred to me that I couldn’t honestly consider myself a blogger anymore.  That thought pissed me off, and also made me realize that I really missed blogging, too.

So, in order to redeem myself and justify my presence at a “blogger” get together, I am going to try to get this blog moving again.  That might mean a bit less Facebook.  I don’t think Twitter’s going to take a hit because it’s perfect for fun and distraction at any time of the day.  But I will be spending more time here than I have in a long time.  I hope it works.