Same Old Story

I’m a fan of the Buffalo Bills. It’s my hometown team. I grew up only a mile or two from Ralph Wilson Stadium. I’ve been following the team pretty closely for about 20 years, and I am not sure that I have ever felt the way about the Bills the way I feel now.

I feel doomed.  I feel like no matter what the team does or doesn’t do, it’s not going to matter.  I feel like the defense will never be quite as dominant as it needs to be to cover for an offense that is going to just suck forever.  Since Jim Kelly retired, Buffalo’s been searching for a quarterback that could be a consistent winner.  They’ve never quite found anyone; not Todd Collins, Rob Johnson, Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Kelly Holcomb, and not even Trent Edwards.  There have been running backs, but no one spectacular.  Receivers?  Who the hell knows, considering who’s been throwing. 

I keep hoping that somehow, despite all the problems with the guidance and leadership of this franchise, the Bills will get the combo right through sheer luck.  And for one glorious year we could have a playoff team again.

What’s sad is that is how far my expectations have fallen.


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