Maybe We Should Hope it FAILs

As we are all painfully aware, the NY Senate has done nothing but further their reputation for dysfunction for over a week now.  In the last 5 days, we’ver had a Democrat majority, a Republican “coalition” majority, and now we’ve got a stalemate.   I heard somewhere that a judge has ordered the two sides to find a way to decide who’s in charge of things so that they can get on with their work and actually do the shit they’re supposed to do.

Sadly, I think that judge is seriously misguided.  I think it would be hilarious for the whole damned government to screech to a painful halt, and for every one of the fools in the Senate to demonstrate just how little support they deserve from the people that they fail on a consistent basis.  The entire Senate runs like a fraternity with pettiness, patronage, and power plays the major factors in the decisions made.  The people, through their own apathy, have become secondary to the narrow interests of the political parties, their benefactors, and the furtherance of their aspirations.  I know that if the government shut down, there would be some undesirable consequences.  Vital services could be interrupted, and surely some unfortunate situations may occur.  I don’t ask for disaster, but if some minor chaos in regular peoples’ lives is what it takes, so be it.

I know that this probably won’t happen, and even if it did I wonder if it would be enough to sound the death knell of our bloated, inefficient, and irresponsible government.  I fear that it will take something drastic, and possibly tragic, to wake up enough people to finally make a difference.


2 Responses to “Maybe We Should Hope it FAILs”

  1. Pauldub Says:

    Difficult to come screeching to a halt when you haven’t been doing SQUAT let alone moving forward. The budget, such as it is, has passed. they now serve absolutely no purpose. The government will run without them. Sad, but true.
    Of course with this gridlock thing, perhaps they can’t do any more damage, a good thing.

  2. Peeved Michelle Says:

    Just substitute “New York” for “California” and you can tell the same story. That’s why we’re getting the hell out of here. I am going to finish my MBA and then we’re out. We’re going to go live somewhere in the middle.

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