Fourth Time’s A Charm

Well, we went to the hospital for the sonogram the other day, and it’s official: My wife is pregnant with our first son! It’s a boy!  He’s all healthy, and due to hit the stage on October 13th!

Some random thoughts on this:

  • Knowing that the family name will live on for another generation is actually a weirdly huge deal. 
  • I get to buy toys that I would have played with when I was little, instead of feeling out of place buying dolls and princess outfits. 
  • There will be someone to hide out in the basement with when all the women in the house are screaming at each other (just kidding.  sort of.). 
  • Finally I can contribute a boy to marry off to one of my friends’ daughters.  Seems that the group I hang with and know has a disproportionately high number of girls compared to boys.  Kind of like my family.  🙂

More to come, once I think about it some more…

5 Responses to “Fourth Time’s A Charm”

  1. Peeved Michelle Says:

    Congrats on the boy!

  2. laura Says:

    mazel tov!

  3. Pauldub Says:

    Congrats! Having a son is great. Especially when they are 25 and come over to cut your grass as well as eat your food and drink beer with you!

  4. Paul Says:

    I will trade ya two daughters for one boy- hell I will throw in the wife too

  5. Trader Jack Says:

    Two daughters,one son, a dog, a goldfish and the wife for a 3rd round draft pick and future considerations.

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