I Miss You, Playoffs

I just got done watching two NHL playoff games; Washington vs. Pittsburgh and then the end of Carolina vs. Boston.  Both games went into overtime, and bothe ended rather early in that overtime period.  The Caps/Pens game was the main game broadcast on Versus, which is fine with me.  That was one hell of a good game.  Tight checking, scoring, hitting, skating, excitement, and everything else you want a good game to be.  Then, at the last, the Penguins scored on a shot from the point and the place went absolutely insane. 

It was at that moment that I realized how much I miss the Sabres being in the playoffs.  For a fleeting second I thought of how nice it would be to be a true Pens fan, like a good friend of mine is. and how awesome that would have felt to witness that win.  Now, any time that I think of myself as a Pittsburgh fan is a good time to slap myself straight.  And so I did, and now I’ve got a red spot on my face.  But anyways, that fleeting second has me wondering what it is going to take for the Sabres to return to that heralded tournament, to play for the Cup.  What has to happen?  Who has to go, who has to step it up, who needs to lead these guys?  

The sooner the Sabres get back to the playoffs the sooner I can start rooting for them and not trying to talk myself into rooting for the Caps because after all their star is cooler that Pittsburgh’s star and blah blah blah….


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