Unrelated Thoughts

I have a few things that I’d like to get off my chest, so let’s go!

The presence of Perez Hilton as a judge at the Miss USA pageant says all I need to know about the event.  I can also say without reservation that a woman’s position on gay marriage has no bearing on my calculation of her beauty, poise, or intelligence.  I may not agree with her, but I also think it’s completely irrelevant.

The weather in and around Buffalo, NY at this time of year is absolutely maddening.  Tomorrow night there will likely be a mix of snow and rain with temperatures around 35 degrees.  Saturday is supposed to be 72 degrees and sunny.  Of course it won’t be 72 at my house, since I live within 800 feet of the 38 degree Lake Erie.  It will probably be more like 60.  Oh well.

This time of year also brings the joy of the NHL playoffs, but there are two drawbacks this year.  One is that the Sabres aren’t playing, which decreases my interest in general and makes it difficult to find my true rooting interest.  The second is that since I have DirecTV I don’t get CBC – the Canadian TV channel that carries Hockey Night In Canada and airs a couple playoff games every night.  I don’t have a strong enough antenna to pull it in from across the lake over the air, either, so I’m SOL.



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