yard work time is with us again

Hallelujah, spring is upon us!  Unless, of course, you live in or near Buffalo.  Then you get interesting weather patterns that give you a 65 degree sunny day in the same forecast that warns of the possibility of accumulating snow in a few days.  But oh well, that’s for another day.  Today is for bitching about yard work!

This past weekend I began the annual clean up of 3,657,772 or so leaves that collect in my yard from my neighbor’s trees.  This year through procrastination, strange weather, and the tendency for a lake to form in my back yard, many of the leaves left over from last year (see: procrastination) began decomposing.  After I had raked them all into a big pile and then herded them into a bunch of garbage cans, there remained a large area of my lawn that was black from the remains of the lower levels of leaves.  What a pleasant sight.  Also black were my formerly white socks; ok, they were dark brown by the time I got done raking, because they were not only muddy but also sopping wet.

Another fun part of my past weekend was the first trimming of the hedge along the south side of my yard that runs from the street, up past the side of the house and behind my shed.  It’s sort of a mess behind my shed, as it’s where three yards come together and my neighbor’s shed is situated, as well as a telephone/power pole and of course the fence.  This rather jumbled area is also home to some rather annoying vegetation.  Intertwined in the hedge is some sort of fast-growing vine-like plant that twists around branches or just about anything else.  I swear to God this stuff grows about 10 feet a week.  I pulled out one section of this that was no shit 45 feet long.  And it’s still freaking spring!  I hope I got a lot of it out, but I know I didn’t get it all and it will be back.

After all my hard work, I can say with certainty that the 10 feet of the yard furthest away from the house in back looks awesome now.  I can walk behind my shed again.  And now that those two things are done, I might finally get to the front yard and clean up something that the nieghbors across the street can actually see.  🙂

3 Responses to “yard work time is with us again”

  1. indabuff Says:

    I feel manly when I can get my 15 year old lawn mower working for yet another season of cutting the Byrd lawn…I often wonder if I will ever catch up on all the yard type work…

  2. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    Aw crap. You already started on your yard work? I’m still trying to get the snow tires off the cars.

  3. Rich Says:

    Hey Red, what is going out there in Hamburg with that sports dome project? I read something about in the Buffalo Snooze last week or the week before.
    And whatever happened to the guy who ran against Jack Quinn for assembly last year?

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