not losing enough

This past Sunday, I weighed in for my Biggest Loser contest.  Turns out that over the last three weeks I have lost 3.5 pounds.  I am gratified that I lost weight over that period; some of the folks in the contest gained a little while others lost less than a pound.  I just feel like I should be losing it faster.  I know I need to exercise more, but I’ve been doing really well with my diet.  I cut out the late night snacking, the enormous lunches, any sort of soda, and added more veggies and fruits and fiber.  For some reason, I think that at 6′ 1″ and 250 pounds, the weight should come off faster.

I guess I just want this to go faster.  But, what the hell, six months ago I was 288 pounds, so I can’t really complain too much.  I started the contest at 267.2 pounds, and I am now at 251.4.  That’s 15.8 pounds since January 4th, and more than 35 since last Thanksgiving.  I just hope it keeps going.


2 Responses to “not losing enough”

  1. Peeved Michelle Says:

    Those are great numbers. In Weight Watchers, when you hit a plateau or really slow down, they tell you to go back to basics. Start measuring and counting everything again. Over time, you start to let things slide, like your 1 cup of ceral becomes 1.25 or 1.5 cups because you stop measuring and start eyeballing. I get into a habit of eating the same thing every day, so when I hit a slow spot, I like to look at cookbooks for new things to try. Or, I just buy a different brand of cereal. Excitement.

  2. indabuff Says:

    Very cool….just keep the motivation up…as Peeved Michelle hints at…mix up he diet to keep it interesting…

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