In my continuing effort to lose some extra pounds, I have decided that simply eating less is not enough.  So, the last two nights, I have gone running. 

OK, so it’s been more walking than running.  I have a neighborhood course that I mapped out that’s 1.3 miles.  I start with a brisk walk to warm up, then run until my lungs are going to burst into flames.  Sometimes, that takes me a whole block!  Then I walk briskly again, until my lungs settle down a little, and then run again until my lungs are on fire…you get the picture.  I am about 26.1 miles short of running a marathon at this point, but I’m working on it. 

The problem is that it’s been 20 since I last ran for no reason other than exercise.  In fact, since I was a little kid, I don’t think I ever ran for anything other than the required sub-12 minute mile in high school and in the floor hockey games at the Hamburg Roller Rink when I was in my early 20’s.

So what hurts today, after 2 days of trying out this new excercise?  Mostly my shins.  Surprisingly, my knees are feeling OK even after taking the punishment of supporting 250 lbs in an atheltic endeavour.  I figure if I haven’t keeled over of exhaustion or overwhelming pain in the first couple days, there’s  a good chance I won’t have too many problems.  Let’s hope…

3 Responses to “running”

  1. pauldub Says:

    Shins take the punishment when you run on pavement. Wait til your back starts to compress. If you keep this up you will be 5 foot 4 in a year or two…

  2. Red Says:

    Oh, great. 5’4″ and 250 lbs would be a disaster…

  3. Slim Says:

    Run Forrest Run !!!

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