guess what!

Around the first week of November, I’m going to be a Daddy again!  Here’s kinda how I found out…



One day a couple weeks ago I was in my kitchen, doing some cleaning, when my wife strolled in from work.  She had the usual bundle of stuff in her arms – her purse, a couple bags of stuff from work and the store, the mail, etcetera.  As she went into the other room, I asked whether or not she anything for me.  She gave me a funny smile, and said to go ahead and check the pile on the table. 


And there it was, the pregnancy test.


My heart went on a gallop for a couple seconds, and then came right back down.  My wife has spent about $100 on those things in the last couple years, and there was no reason to suspect that this outcome would be any different than those.  So I continued scrubbing out the crock pot I was cleaning, and anyways she didn’t have to pee right then.  Of course.


About ten minutes later, I was still in the kitchen finishing up the dishes.  I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom.  Yeah, I heard it, even though the kids were watching TV in the other room and I was running water in the kitchen.  Two seconds later my wife came around the corner into the kitchen with shock written all over her face.  “I’m pregnant!” she said, quietly but with great intensity.  As soon as I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said “What?”  She repeated, three times, “I’m pregnant!” 




About a year ago, my wife and I had a very frank discussion about having more children.  We weren’t sure if we were done.  We had two lovely daughters, and I had another daughter from before we got married.  I really thought that might be enough.  As much as I wanted a boy, I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t.  I was perfectly fine with my girls.  Somehow, though, neither of us really made a real effort to say “We’re done.”  We sort of decided that at some indeterminate time in the future, maybe I should go and get my plumbing altered, so to speak.  So we thought we kind of might be “done.”  Really, that wasn’t any where near what “done” means.  So I guess you could say that we hadn’t decided at all.




So there I was in the kitchen, my wife staring at me waiting for my reaction, my jaw hanging open, the image of a complete goof.  There was a pause that felt like three hours but was only about a half a second; a pause where all my emotions and thoughts sorted themselves out every so slowly and thousands of details were considered and processed at lightning speed and even though that sounds rather ambiguous I swear it’s true – fast and slow can coexist in the mind, under certain circumstances, just like anywhere else.  She was waiting for me to say something, and for that three hours or half a second, we stood silent and still, and then as my mind and time itself caught up with me, I said the only two words that could adequately express my thoughts:


“No shit!”


OK, so it wasn’t really a Kodak or Lifetime moment, but the emotion was as real as could be.  She looked at me sort of funny, and my smile got wider, and all the best parts of being a Dad again rushed into my mind and any doubts and fears subsided and then we said a bunch of stuff, it really doesn’t matter what and I don’t remember anyways, and we hugged for what seemed like a year. 


YES!  One more time!!!! 


We discussed a couple of things after that, like how I would eventually really need to build a second bathroom in our basement, along with maybe an office and “kids” room.  Whether we’re hoping for a boy or girl – I’d be lying if I didn’t kind of want a boy, but as long as the child is healthy that’s all I can really ask for.  I think that even now, a couple of weeks later, I am still a little bit in shock.  Some of the logistical and financial challenges seem rather daunting, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  We’ll make it work.


So here’s a new adventure.  One more time figuring out the fastest way to the hospital.  Another summer of getting the house ready.  More paint!  The joy of watching my wife carry and nurture a new life.  The awe and wonder of the kids as they watch the miracle of life unfold before their very eyes.  The craziness when the time comes, the mad dash to the hospital, and the best high bar none that a man can ever experience when he hears his new born child cry for the first time.


I can’t wait!



4 Responses to “guess what!”

  1. Becky Says:


  2. allthingsjennifer Says:

    CONGRATS! Soooo exciting! 🙂

  3. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    Congrats again!

  4. Demo Says:

    I did not know Reds basement was still here. My wife knew. Congrats Big red. Hope you have a bot this time. We could marry off one of my daughters……

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