For Christmas in 2002,  I think it was, I received two cordless drills as gifts.  One was a Ryobi 7.2 volt and the other was a Coleman 18(?) volt.  The Ryobi was smaller, more nimble, and had pretty good power.  Since many of the things I needed the drill for in the first couple of years there were light duty projects, the Ryobi got most of the use.  After I bought the house in late 2002, I needed something with a little more oomph, and the Coleman had that as well as two batteries so I could use it longer.

So.   Earlier this week I was putting the hinges back on some kitchen cabinet doors that I had repainted.  I reached up to grab the Coleman drill, misjudged where it was, and ended up knocking it 3 feet down to the floor.  Normally this would put a little scuff in the plastic of the drill and elicit a pretty good wince from me.  Not this time.  No, siree Bob.  When the drill hit the concrete floor, the entire chuck and gearing exploded.  I had gears, ball bearings, and washers all over the place.  I didn’t even know there was that much stuff in there.  Damn.

So I screwed the hinges in by hand – four hinges since there were two doors – and then hung the doors on the cabinets.  Then the doors wouldn’t close evenly.  After swearing repeatedly under my breath, I noticed that I had hung them incorrectly; the left and right were hung on the right and left.  Then I swore repeatedly right out loud, which was funny to the kids but to the great consternation of their mother, who had just gotten done convincing my 3 year old that “frigging” is not a nice word.

Deciding to wait until my Ryobi drill was charged up, I called it a night.  And then, wouldn’t you know, when I checked the Ryobi the next morning the damned thing was still dead as a doornail.  The battery was shot.  Yet another round of swearing ensued, but it was OK since I was in the basement and not only could the kids not hear me, I also had the opportunity to punch something, which relieved my anger very much more efficiently.  After I washed the blood off my knuckles, I decided I would have to get another cordless drill.  After all, I still have ten more cabinet doors to do, and I am NOT doing that by hand.  Also, I’m running out of alternatives to cuss words, and the kids are starting to laugh at me when I yell “Oh, SUGAR!!!!”

Does anyone out there have any reccomendations as to what kind of cordless drill would be good to have?  I don’t feel like spending a fortune but I will need something a little better than the $18 Black & Decker cordless screwdriver.  Oh, and let me know if you have any good alternative, kid-friendly swear words.  I need ’em quick before I start painting more cabinets.


One Response to “smashed”

  1. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    I have a Mikita that’s pretty good, has been dropped off my roof without exploding, but as with any cordless tool you better have [at least] 2 batteries for it, and you must come to terms with the fact that the batteries will not last forever and have to be replaced.

    I picked up a refurbished plug-in Dewalt that’s good to have on hand for the jobs that the cordless is unwilling or unable to handle.

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