everyone knows it’s windy

Is it me or does it seem that we cannot have any sort of weather change here in Buffalo without either first or simultaneously enduring 35+ mph winds? I probably never noticed before, but now that I have to get a kid on the bus a few times a week I guess it tends to focus my observations in the morning. 

I also get a kick out of the morning weather on some of the TV stations and such, which completely either overhype or understimate certain aspects of the weather.  Like this morning on whatever radio station it is that my alarm clock blares at me, there was little mention of winds other than that it would be breezy.  Breezy?  The wind was pushing my little daughter around like she was a stick figure.  Oh, wait, she is kinda small and skinny, but I’m not, and that wind was shoving me around pretty well.  Breezy.

The good news is that I was prepared.  Because I procrastinated far too long was suprised by the early snow this past winter and it was too late to cut back my rose bush out front of the house, I can hear the branches from that scraping against the front of the house.  That’s always a good indicator that the winds they are a blowin’.  Soo good luck out there, and hang on!  And where the hell are my pruning shears?!?

2 Responses to “everyone knows it’s windy”

  1. starsandsky87 Says:

    Ah advection, a few weeks ago we had some strong winds in Union, NJ and it was hard for me to walk! LOL

  2. Peeved Michelle Says:

    This is what happens at my house: “Hey! The gardners cut down all the rose bushes! Oh yeah, it’s winter.” And that’s how I know the seasons have changed.

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