what are we saving?

Could someone please tell me what the point of Daylight Savings Time is anymore?  The idea may or may not have been sound at some point in history, but it doesn’t seem to do anything at all except screw up my sleep schedule and send me on a parade of the house and vehicles trying to figure out how to change all the goddam clocks.

Oh, and let me tell you something about changing clocks – your kids don’t care and don’t adjust immediately.  This morning it took everything I had to get the them out of bed and dressed and fed.  Their schedule is screwed up and won’t really equalize for another couple of days.  By then I’ll need an equalizer or two.  Or is that tranquilizer?  I don’t know, I’M TOO TIRED.   If there’s a congressman out there that wants to get popular in a hurry, sponsor a bill abolishing this DST nonsense so we can all reset our clocks only when the power goes out…


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