stapler update

I couldn’t take it anymore.  The damned thing sat there, almost mocking me, every time I made some copies.  Oh, it was funny for a while; pausing to try the stapler knowing that it would be empty, a wry smile to show myself I was in on the joke.  Then my disgust with my fellow employees started as a faint murmur in the back of my mind and grew exponentially into a roar as the days passed and still no staples.  Soon I began to question my own actions; surely my failure to fill the stapler myself was an act not less heinous than the perceived nonfeasance of my colleagues inhabiting the cubicle-dotted landscape.  There was also the realization that my little experiment in office behavior was costing me time since I had to go back to my desk to staple everything.  Pfui!  There must be an end to this!

Finally, today, February 11th of 2009, a full 14 business days since the sound of the empty stapler first echoed through my psyche and filled my brain with a peal of righteous and disdainful laughter, I have capitulated.  I have done what I should have done in the afternoon of January 23rd.  I have finally filled the stapler.

3 Responses to “stapler update”

  1. Hops Says:

    I always refill the stapler. Only I usually ask my coworkers to fork over the staples.

  2. Peeved Michelle Says:

    Is it a possibility that you are the only one who uses it?

  3. Red Says:

    I don’t know…about 50 different people in any given day use that copier, so I would guess SOMEONE does. My next experiment will be to take the stapler and hide it in my office and see if anyone bitches.

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