fix list for 2/11/09

Home ownership is a gratifying and labor intensive game.  Of course, when you got a 55 year old ranch, there’s going to be a few things to take care of here and there.  When the previous owners were more the MacGyver type than Bob Vila wannabes, you get a lot more interesting stuff to deal with.  Thankfully, today was not that bad.

First on the list was repairing the front screen door, which had busted loose the strike plate from the frame.  Simple.  Buy new strike plate, remove old broken one and install new one.  Turrns out the previous owner had used a plastic Blue Cross key-chain (you know those kinda round flat ones) and some kind of fiber board as a spacer to properly position the strike plate – yeah, I know.  I replaced that with some real wood.  Thing works like a charm just in time for the 50 mph winds we’re supposed to get tonight.

The second was a simple thing, really.  There was a small leak somewhere in or near the solenoid valve that controls the water flow to the ice maker in the refrigerator.  After not fixing it for a month because I didn’t want to even think about ordering a part from Sears, I finally looked at it.  Turns out that I neede to simply straighten the copper pipe going to the valve and retighten the compression fitting and voila!  No more leak!  It’ll be nice to have some ice again.

Coming soon, floor molding in the bathroom.  Gosh this house is so fun!

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