night court

I actually have to go to court tomorrow night in the lovely Town of Brant, in connection with a couple of traffic tickets that I acquired a couple months ago on Route 5 near Evangola State Park.  One was for speeding – 56 in a 45.  The other was for an expired New York State inspection.  Never mind the fact that the speed limit on Route 5 between Hamburg and Brant changes between 40, 45, 50, and 55 mph about 10 times.  Bah.

Anyways, I have a question for my lawyer friends, if there are any out there:  If the ticket shows the infraction date as November 6th, but the date was actually November 9th, will that get me out of the thing?  The speeding ticket has the right date, but the expired inspection ticket is dated incorrectly.  In my humble opinion, that discrepancy should invalidate the entire proceedings, but I admit I’m biased. 

And yes, I’ll bitch that if the cops have nothing better to do on a Sunday night in November than sit and watch a practically deserted stretch of road for speeders, crime must indeed be down.  Again, I just might be a little biased.


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