now i’m ready, thank you big D

Bring on the snow, Mother Nature!  I now have some good tires for the van, and I can’t wait to see how well they perform.  I was fortunate enough to score 4 snow tires from my good friend Demo, who no longer needed them for his van.  Thank you, Paulie!

Then, to make the deal sweeter, I went over to Big D Tire in Orchard Park to get the tires mounted and balanced.  It only took about a half-hour.  I used to work at another unnamed tire place that’s popular for sponsoring ball parks (until next season, that is) so I know tires.  OK, so I used to know tires. Anyways, that’s a pretty good time for four tires unless you’re in NASCAR. 

I’ve known Joe, the owner of Big D, for something like 25 years, and I’m glad to see him succeed.  We were always around the hockey rink when we were younger,  did a little partying later on, and he’s a good dude.  He’s in the old Bert’s Bikes shop on Rte. 20 in Orchard Park, at least for a week or so until he moves into a brand spanking new place just about across the street.  There are a couple other Big D’s; one in Tonawanda and another in Cheektowaga.  If you need tires or get a flat or whatever, give ’em a chance.  I’d appreciate it, and I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Also, as a bonus, if you mention my name when you go into the Orchard Park shop, you’ll get a blank stare.  But you’ll always get free coffee.

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