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spoke too soon

December 8, 2008

Post Snowblowing SmileOK, so the very next day, I got the snowblower fired up to deal with a good eight inches of snow. I was soooo stoked to see the curtains of white flying past the windows! It took me a good 20 minutes to dig the snowblower out of the shed, but that’s no big deal. Pumped the primer 6 times, full choke, and 2 pulls was all it took. Fired up like summer never happened.  The exhaust smelled sweet in the frigid air, the rumble of the engine echoing off of…nothing; the snow subduing all but the closest of sounds.  And I was happy!

Now I really want more snow.   I saw briefly on the news tonight that lake effect snow is expected sometime on Thursday.  I think if they predict it this early it won’t be much of big deal, but you never know.