sunday minus bills

Sundays are really strange when there’s no Bills game.  I didn’t have to rush to get anywhere; didn’t have anything that had to get done before 1:00 pm.  The day was certainly not wasted.  In fact, I got a lot of things done.  I got the cushions for the lawn furniture stashed in the basement and the table and frames piled up next to the shed for the winter.  I cleaned up some more of the basement, and the kids now have a nice little play area down there. 

What I did NOT do was get the snowblower un-buried from the back of the shed.  I usually clean out the entire shed twice a year – spring and fall – and the biggest thing that accomplishes is getting the correct equipment to the from of the shed.  I hope we don’t get a heavy duty snow tonight because I am not confident that the lawnmower will be able to clear the driveway.  And wouldn’t you know, as I check the weather forecast for the next few days, what do I see?  Wild guess…


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