It’s really quiet in the house tonight.  The kids went to bed without complaint or noise, my wife has gone to watch a movie, and I’ve got the Sabres game on with low volume.  In fact, the loudest noise in the house is the blare of train whistles in the distance as they leave Buffalo headed for who knows where.  It’s a peaceful sound that disappears from the consciousness during the daily routine and only returns when all else is quiet.  Mostly this is in the very late evening, when my mind is tired and the body is demanding rest.  Sometimes, though, when the kids go quietly and the TV is low and the stresses of the day have receded before fatigue slows my thoughts, I hear the train coming.  Or going, I suppose; it all depends on your perspective.  And the whistle that signals the passage in the night is a familiar, dependable sound.  Comfort.  Home.


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