life as i don’t know it

I’ve been reading some other blogs lately; just sort of browsing through links from some of my “usual” reads.  I’ve found that everyone seems to be more exciting than me.  People are getting engaged and married and breaking up and starting fresh and getting new jobs and having kids and traveling and buying new stuff and losing lots of weight and all kinds of newsworthy things.  I feel like I’m just getting through – just existing and trying to not screw up. 

I can’t really say that I’m boring; I’ve got three kids that are wonderful and keep me on my toes and a beautiful wife with a tremendously interesting family.  In reality, though, it seems that all the fun, nerve-wracking, spectacularly cool shit is going on with other people and I’m just hanging around waiting for the next big thing to happen.  And I’d rather that the next big thing is NOT two members of my wife’s family passing away on the same day.  We just did that last month and I think I’ll live without that happening again anytime soon, thankyouveryfreakingmuch.  Maybe boring isn’t so bad.  I ought to just shut up and enjoy…


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