never presume common sense

This is a memo to myself, worded as a reminder to everyone out there…

When someone asks you to help them find something that they have misplaced, never presume that they have looked in all of the obvious places.  For instance, today my boss asked me to help her find her keys.  She couldn’t find them in her office or personal effects..  So, first thing we do is look all over the place in her cubicle, check the reception area, and look on the floor.  No dice.  My recollection was that she didn’t “jingle” on her way past my cubicle in the morning as she usually does, and so maybe she left them in the car.  So we walk out there and search her car, also to no avail.

On the way back into the building, we ran into a senior engineer who asked what we were doing.  When we told him, he asked a very simple question…”Are you sure you checked your purse?”  My boss gave us both that “you’re an idiot” look and opened her bag just to show us what goofballs we were to ask such a ridiculous…et voila.  Her keys. 

Away she went, with a sheepish grin and a quick call to her lunch appointment, and the engineer and I both stood laughing as I contemplated the complete lack of common sense occasionally displayed be even the brightest people.  And once again, I was reminded of the time we can all save by asking “stupid” questions…


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