when did this happen

The other night I watched the first game of the 2008 NBA Championship between the Celtics and the Lakers.  This might not sound very monumental; after all, I was only one of about 13.4 million people to tune in for the show.  What is remarkable about this is that I haven’t watched a basketball game intentionally in about 10 years, and it’s been more than 20 years since it wasn’t a college game.  I’ve since acquired a certain opinion of the sport and it’s players and coaches that I’ve never seen fit to change.

So why did I watch?  The only reason that I tuned in at all was that it was the Celtics and the Lakers.  They were the dominant teams the last time that I had any inkling to follow basketball, and I suppose there was a certain nostalgia to it.  I also think that I somehow figured this was a perfect time to validate my opinion of the NBA and sport in general by saying “look, I used to love this game, and these were my favorite teams!  But they done gone and ruined it with the me-first selfish stupid showboating and other BS antics off the court too so there.”  

Then something cool happened.  The game was good.  The players were running hard and playing hard and they were teams, not just a collection of spoiled stars bitching about fouls and acting like brats.  I was surprised.  I was pleased.  I think I might watch the sport again once in a while.  It was a complete shock in that it was so totally not what I expected from the game at all.

It’s not going to drag me away from hockey by a long shot, but it might be something on those nights when there’s no Sabres game and those jackass announcers from Versus make me want to throw my TV through the window.  

Go Celitcs! 

(I am Irish, after all…)


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