and it would appear that i’m back, sort of

Well, folks, it’s been a while.  This is where I began blogging, and this is where I find myself once again.  I had a stint for a while with, and it was an enormously satisfying time for me, but I think perhaps it’s better to be unaffiliated for a while because I can’t commit to writing like I used to.

For those who have not been followers for a while, or may be getting their first peek at my life, a lot of things have happened over the last year that have been very difficult and time-consuming.  I won’t get into it now; I’m going to try to get my archives from the other blog over here, and then you can check it out yourself.  Suffice it to say that writing has not been at the top of the to-do list, but I still want to do it, and this is going to be the best place for it.

Here’s hoping I can find some more stuff to write about – well, anyways, here’s hoping I can write something interesting that you all will read.  Look for more in the not-too-distant future!

2 Responses to “and it would appear that i’m back, sort of”

  1. Pauldub Says:

    Just found out you’re back- and I’m awful glad of it!

  2. Red Says:

    Thanks, Dub! Actually, I’m back more now than I was back back when I wrote the post.

    And that confused me…

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