sick. this government is sick.

This article in the Buffalo News today has me exasperated.  The Legislature overrode Pataki's vetoes.  So Pataki decides that he's going to ignore 2/3 of the restorations, making the decision that they are illegal.  Briefly:


The governor says most of what legislators restored in funding and tax cuts is illegal – and won't be spent – because they violated a ruling from the state's highest court that firmly planted control over the budget process in the governor's hands by limiting the Legislature's ability to alter gubernatorial budget plans without Pataki's approval.

Or: "It's MY budget and you can't change it wah wah wah wah wah."


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said Pataki is trying to have it all ways: taking credit for big education aid hikes that lawmakers pushed while trying to appear as a fiscal conservative at a time he's mulling a White House bid.

Or: "I want my share of the glory too wah wah wah wah wah wah."


Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said Pataki had taken a "my way or the highway" stance, giving lawmakers no choice but to override.

"There's nothing that stops us from negotiating after the overrides," Bruno said.

Or:  "I'm going to get my way no matter what wah wah wah wah wah."

Our state is run by 3 prepubescent-acting little boys.  And we continue to stand by while they destroy our state.  Good for us.  The next time I hear about how nothing ever changes and I see that the voter turnout is at 14% of registered voters, I'll be sure to laugh my ass off.


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