It's been a long, busy couple of days what with the end of the month at work and other family obligations taking a lot of time and energy.  Hopefully, blogging will return to semi-normal for a few days. 

So now I'm waiting for a ride home from work from my wife, because my van needed to be inspected.  Actually, it needed more than inspection, it needed over $600 worth of work to pass the inspection.  Not very cool in the least, thanks.  But at least it ought to stop a lot better with front brakes that work.  Ah, springtime in Erie County – see what the winter did to your car and get it fixed. 🙂


One Response to “ouch”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    I hear you Red. Luckily I was fortunate this year. Had my ride inspected Wednesday afternoon and all I had to pay for was the inspection.

    I was told I need new brakes likely by the end of the summer and new back tires by Christmas. But overall I can’t complain.

    Sorry to hear abou the $600 bill.

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