ricky williams, part 2

It seems that I was wrong on a part of the Ricky Williams story.  According to some reports, the fourth violation of the substance abuse policy of the NFL was not for marijuana.  It was not specified, as far as I could find, other than to say that it was not the hippie lettuce. 

There was a comment from Jaquandor in my earlier post that said in part:

…I can’t work up anger toward people who like marijuana anymore anyway. Legalize the shit, and this never comes up.

This is an interesting comment in a few ways.  It first makes me think of what my own stance on decriminalization or straight legalization of the suff.  I am torn.  In a way, I think legalization would help the governement run.  Tax the hell out of it, make a fortune, and quit taxing the rest of us so darned much.  It would also eliminate an entire class of criminal.  The neighborhood pot guy.  We all know one.  On the other side, it's a DRUG.  It DOES support vast criminal activity.  The effects are bad, both short and long term.  And there aren't enough Doritos in the world to satisfy the munchies.

The second part that's got me thinking is this:  Why does the NFL ban these substances?  It's not like pot is a performance enhancer.  I remember a press conference with Bobby Valentine a few years back, when he was managing the Mets, I think.  He was commenting about the allegations of pot use within the Mets organization, and it might have been the funniest baselball interview I ever saw.  He basically said that no one smokes pot to play better, and then went on to do a funny imitation of a batter at the plate that was high as a kite.  Whoa, dude….  So what does the NFL care about what its players do off the field?  Not much it would seem, unless they kill someone.  Not too many recreational illegal drugs make you a better player, do they?  It's also funny that the NFL has no problem taking advertising dollars from Budweiser yet discourages its players from drinking it.  They absolutely discourage any betting, but require full disclosure of injuries from teams for why?  Arrrggghhh.

So what should the NFL, or the government do?


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