yeah, that’ll help

Does anyone really think this is going to help?  Gas prices went up to near "Katrina" levels this week, but something's missing.  Like a natural disaster or other major reason for them to go up.  So Bush is going to do three things.  Let's see:

1.  Ease environmental standards for production of gasoline temporarily.  Temporarily my ass.  So the idea is to cut expenses for refineries.  Then they pass that savings along to consumers.  Sure, that ALWAYS happens.

2.  Defer purchases for the national reserve until the fall.  So I'm going to not buy a case of beer from Consumer's Beverages, so that we'll have enough for the rest of you and maybe the price will go down a little because there's less demand.  Right.

3.  Call for an investigation into gasoline pricing for possible gouging.  OK.  Fox watching the henhouse or something like that…

$3.75 per gallon, anyone?


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