holy sweet momma, that was fun

I was privileged to attend the Sabres v. Flyers hockey game this evening.  Hence the lack of posting.  Not to mention my lack of voice.  That was AWESOME!  As usual, the boys over at BfloBlog will have a nice wrap up, so be sure to visit.  I do have a few quick thoughts:

The Flyers could have used a reminder in the first intermission that they were in the midst of a hockey game.  Apparently they didn't get it.  For half of the first, all of the second, and the final seven or eight minutes of the third period, the Flyers were mainly occupied by trying to kill someone.  They almost broke Thomas Vanek's neck, and they were looking for more.  I thought that Derian Hatcher was lucky to only get 4 minutes in penalties, and from where I was sitting it looked like he was flirting with getting tossed.

In that train of thought, did it occur to anyone else that Hitchcock may have encouraged, or at least not discouraged his team to be nuts in that second period?  Like maybe he knew that this game was out of reach, and that it would be best for his players to get their frustrations out so they could regroup for the next time?  Not an entirely bad strategy, as long as you don't get anyone fined or suspended or killed.

The "USA" chant was pretty damned funny.  What was even better was how fast, how loud, and how out of nowhere it came.  It was a nice poke at Robert Esche.  I think Esche was probably trying to get out of the game when he tried fighting two or three Sabres there late in the first period.

I know both of the things I am about to remark upon could be seen as OK in the light of a 5 goal lead, but I am concerned a little bit anyways.  The Sabres were F-L-A-T flat at the start of the second period.  I know, 5 goal lead.  But still.  And the play on the power play for the second and third period was WAY too fancy pants.  I know it's not nice to run up the score, but I couldn't care less in the playoffs.  Run it up.  Especially on Hitchcock.  I just don't like that guy.

Lindy Ruff said the Flyers were "acting like idiots" in his post-game press conference.  Nice.  And then Hitchcock, when told of this by the press in his post-game presser, said that Lindy's team has been there before, so he might want to cork it.  (paraphrased, of course.)  Hitchcock also took the heat for the team by taking all the blame for their terrible lack of intensity and numerous errors in the first period.  Good idea, and probably quite different from what those guys will hear in the locker room tonight and tomorrow.  

It ought to be a fun time wednesday night.  The Sabres will hopefully be ready, because I'm sure Philly won't be the same team as tonight.


One Response to “holy sweet momma, that was fun”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Sounds like it was a blast.

    I see Philly grabbing one of the two games at home before they return to Buffalo and the Sabres close it out in 5 games.

    I originally said Sabres in 6 and I’ll stand by that pick but I don’t see the series going longer than 5 games if the Sabres continue to play this way.

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