thoughts on the sabres

A few thoughts collected while wondering whatever happened to Randy Wood….

The Sabres looked fast last night.  Scary fast.  And Ryan Miller was everything I had hoped he would be.  Now if only the defense would not look so damned shaky here and there I'd feel a lot better.  And the major thing is that the Sabres need to FINISH.  They had 58 shots last night but only 3 goals.  That's not the best stat to have.  They need to bury more of their chances.

Brian Campbell will probably have to be very careful when he's anywhere near the puck.  He laid out the hit of the night on RJ Umberger, and while it was a clean hit there can be no doubt that the Flyers will be looking just a little harder to repay the favor. 

The HSBC Arena looked fantastic with all the white going on.  It's a shame that my jersey is the away version.  I'll be wearing it tomorrow night as I go to my first playoff game since the Stanley Cup run a few years back.  I remember the absolute feeling of electricity then.  And I figure it ought to be just as nuts for Game 2.

Strange, I didn't hear Ken Hitchcock say anything bad about the officiating or the Sabres after Game 1.  If the Flyers lose again, though, I expect that'll change.

I know Peter Forsberg is about the best player on the planet, but it looks to me like he's going to have a hell of a time being a game-changer.  Every time I saw him trying to move laterally or change direction suddenly, he looked really awkward.  And I don't think that's going to get better any time soon.

And really, what ever happened to Randy Wood?


2 Responses to “thoughts on the sabres”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    I tried to hunt down the whereabouts of Mr. Wood and all I could find in my quick search on Google was the following event he attended:

    “Pat Lafontaine’s involvement was a key to the success of the event,” said Christina Merrill, the BMF’s executive director. “He is so well respected, not only for his great career with the Islanders and Rangers, but for his charitable work, that so many people wanted to get involved.”
    Among the NHL stars were former NY Rangers Rod Gilbert, Gilles Villemure and Jim Pavese, former NY Islander Randy Wood, as well as current Islanders Garth Snow, Shawn Bates, Justin Papineau and Eric Godard. NHL officials Ray Scapinello, Dan McCourt, Steve Walkom and Jay Sharrers came bearing an official referee’s jersey signed by every ref and linesman in the league.

    Good to hear he attended a worthwhile charity event.

    On a somewhat related note, wow, an official referee’s jersey signed by every referee and linesman in the NHL – when does the bidding begin? “)

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    That last thing after the word “begin” was supposed to be that goofy smiley face. Sorry I messed that up. Damn fingers.

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