reggie bush trouble

There is an article that I just ran across on Yahoo that is rather startling, to say the least.  It would appear that Reggie Bush's mother, step-father, and brother moved into this house that was purchased by a sports marketing guy with the unfortunate name of Michael Michaels.  Yeah, that's Reggie Bush, the projected first pick in the 2006 NFL draft.  The Reggie Bush that won the Heisman Trophy.  Oh, boy.  The family moved in around the end of March, 2005.  They moved out over the weekend only a day after they were starting to be questioned about the whole thing.  Nothing suspicious there, right?

Seems that Michaels and a colleague were looking to jump start a sports marketing agency with Bush as their main initial client.  The relationship between all the parties is quite unclear at the moment, but there is potential for some disastrous implications for not only Bush but also for USC.  Since players and their families are restricted from getting bennies from agents and marketing companies while still playing college ball, it could mean that Bush was ineligible and USC would have to forfeit games that he played in.  I don't know how all that stuff works but there's really no good that can come of this.  I don't know that Bush himself will be hurt; he'll still be a high draft pick and make an obscene amount of money.  But the damage dome to his reputation and that of USC could be pretty damned bad.

On the other hand, this might all be a legal, legitimate thing, right? 



4 Responses to “reggie bush trouble”

  1. randomthoughts101 Says:

    I just saw the story too.

    This does not look good for the Bush camp.

  2. BuffaloGeek Says:

    I doubt it’s legitimate in any sense of the world. USC was bound to fall. VERY powerful boosters, successful program, top flight athletes. Has any program that realized a resurgence like that not gone on probation shortly thereafter? Oklahoma, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, etc.

    It’s the way of big time college ball.

  3. Steve Gordon Says:

    This kind of stuff always surprises me (it probably shouldn’t). Don’t these guys (Bush, Clarrett, Marcus Vick, etc.) realize that they only have a couple years to play it straight in college, and then they can cash in and pretty much do what they want?

    It’s sad that even if they aren’t mature enough to realize this, that they don’t have a family member or friend who steps up and offers guidance.

  4. randomthoughts101 Says:

    Good point Mr. Gordon.

    Both Bush AND his parents should know better. Whether they did anything shady or not, they should make extra efforts to NOT put themselves in a place where their actions can be questioned.

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