just a thought

There has been some comment recently about the deplorable condition of some of the railroad bridges around the area.  The railroads are resisting pressure to repaint them, and towns are considering ways and means to coerce the railroads into improving the looks of the bridges.  So I got an idea.  Not a new one, I'm sure, but it never hurts to put it out there.

Everytime we catch one of these "taggers" or other graffiti artists, this becomes their penance.  The particular township that apprehends the morons gets to sentence them to community service, and that service is to paint the bridges.  The towns can apply for any number of grants or whatever to get the paint.  Or it can be donated.  Or even gotten in some manner from the railroads.  And we could also use these resources at the direction of local artists to turn these things into the "community art" projects that some have envisaged.  This tactic could be a cool way to get a lot of painting done at a reasonable cost.  I know there will be safety issues and all that, but with a little work I'm sure we could solve those problems as well.

This is an approach that, if proven to work in this circumstance, could conceivably be used to supplement the declining resources of some municipalities' buildings, grounds, and parks departments.


One Response to “just a thought”

  1. BuffaloGeek Says:

    Excellent idea! The idea of community artwork for the bridges has been kicking around but, this idea take it a step further.

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