1st round – predictions

No fancy analysis, just the straight winners and number of games with a little comment…


Tampa (8) v. Ottawa (1) – Ottawa in 5.  Ottawa's just too good. 

Montreal (7) v. Carolina (2) – Carolina in 6.  Don't ask, I can't tell you why.

New York Rangers (6) v. New Jersey (3) – New Jersey in 5.  Hate their style, but it works.

Philadelphia (5) v. Buffalo (4) – Buffalo in 5.  They're just better.


Edmonton (8) v. Detroit (1) – Detroit in 5.  Any questions?

Colorado (7) v. Dallas (2) – Colorado in 7.  There's gotta be an upset.  Why not here?

Anaheim (6) v. Calgary (3) – Anaheim in 6.  Because.

San Jose (5) v. Nashville (4) – Nashville in 4.  Sweep!


One Response to “1st round – predictions”

  1. www.BFLOBLOG.com » Blog Archive » The Locals are Excited Says:

    […] Random Thoughts 101 has his predictions (Buffalo in six, BTW), and Red weighs in from his basement as well. […]

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