not the momma

Will someone please shoot me?  My newborn daughter, Erin, has decided that today is the day to see if she's got a career as a lead singer of an AC/DC cover band. 

Apparently, I'm not as comfy as momma and I never will be and Erin is NOT letting me forget it.


2 Responses to “not the momma”

  1. LC Scotty Says:

    Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?

    Seriously, hope all is well.

  2. Red Says:

    Definitely Brian Johnson. His screech is a little thicker, just like Erin’s. Bon Scott’s was thinner and more subtle, if that makes any sense.

    I think she’s just a little temperamental. Just like another member of the family who shall remain nameless but is generally referred to as “my wife”.

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