musings on TV and hockey

Right now it's 7:45pm and I am watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" instead of the Sabres.  Why?  Because the NHL is a bunch of idiots, at least in my opinion.  I know they got more money from OLN, but I have to think that having ESPN pay nothing and carry a ton of games would have been so much better.  Of all the people I know that are hockey fans, I can only think of one or two that have OLN.  I am a hockey fan, but dammit I am not going to pay for Adelphia's high end packages to get the rest of the league.  Or go with a dish and dial-up.  Or even DSL.  And the playoffs also are up in the air as OLN can snag some games if they wish.  It would suck to have to miss games because I don't pay a fortune for cable.  It shouldn't be this hard to watch my favorite sport. 

When the league came out of the lockout, one of the things that it was banking on was a new style of hockey that was way more exciting and entertaining.  Wouldn't it have been better to expose that new product to as many people as possible?  I would wager something that ESPN gets to more folks that OLN.  And if there was a sacrifice to be made up front in terms of TV money then so be it.  This sport needs new fans.  A lot of them.

Is this a bad error by Bettman?  I think he just took the biggest gob of cash that was there, without too much thought as to what might be a better thing for the league.  A struggling league with a "new" look shouldn't also have the burden of marketing a new channel.  It's asking too much.

So what's the score?

3 Responses to “musings on TV and hockey”

  1. KevinP Says:

    I kinda’ think he wanted to show ESPN he didn’t need them. Don’t think that went too well…

    Anyway, the review is up (I DO spend a boatload on cable, sadly)

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Good rant Red. I agree.

    The NHL has their head up their ass and it goes back to the lockout that canceled the 2004-05 season and their decision to leave ESPN.

    I know ESPN basically told them “we don’t want you anymore” but Gary Bettman should have begged for NHL coverage on ESPN. Instead they are on OLN and it’s a big joke. The coverage is solid but no one gets the damn channel!!!

  3. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    And Kevin is right, I think Bettman wanted to say “nah nah nah nah nah nah” to ESPN but it backfired.

    Didn’t go well? It has gone horribly, at least in my opinion.

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