true friends

It is occasionally necessary and always enlightening to step back from your daily life to look at where you've been and who's been there with you.  I have had many friends in my years on this planet.  Lots of them are from school, or work, or the hockey team, or especially the neighborhood.  And it's a fact of life that some friends will come and go and you may never see some again.  Friends are made and lost as we grow, mature, experience, live, and love.  We are the richer for having experienced them, and we hope that they are richer for having known us.

But sometimes you find a friend that no matter what happens, through lapses in contact and separation due to the living of our own unique lives, always comes back.  A friend that, no matter the separation in distance or time, shares your perspective on life.  I have been lucky in my life to have had a couple of these treasured friends.  I went to the Sabres game with one such friend last evening.  We've chosen much that is different for our own lives, yet kept so much in common.  I do sincerely thank whoever is running the show for giving me the privilege to call him my friend.

One Response to “true friends”

  1. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    True friends are hard to stay in touch with once you “grow up” but if both parties make the effort you can still get together and grab-ass and enjoy spending time together, most times involving either sports, food or alcohol or a combination of two of them or all three.

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