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Barry Snyder Sr. has written an editorial piece in the Buffalo News today regarding the infrastructure improvement ($6M, or $2.9M, depending on what part of the piece you read) that he wants the city to pony up for.

An excerpt:

The Seneca Nation of Indians wants to be a part of the economic development puzzle in Buffalo and a good corporate partner with the city to help spur further economic development and job creation in and around the inner harbor area.

Like all the wonderful things that happened in Niagara Falls, eh?  Somehow I don't buy it, dude.  Although if you would have stuck with the part about the improvements needing to be done anyways, you might have sold me a little bit.  It's almost as if Snyder enjoys shoving it down our throats like that supercilious uncle that always knows way better than anyone else in the family.  Uncle Barry knows best…


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