long weekend gone

Again, the posting is light.  It's been a long weekend that was really short.  I haven't had time even to look over the news or anything, so over the next few days I intend to get to that.  This week is supposed to be gorgeous weather, at least for the first few days, so I'll be working in the yard.  Hopefully.

I went to the Sabres game this afternoon / evening.  It was great.  The atmosphere was charged.  The fans were loud.  And security took out three people from my section at the end.  Did anyone else get the impression that Lindy Ruff instructed his boys to leave Darcy Tucker alone?  He was barely touched, almost like the guys avoided him.  I think that was a smart move.  You know the league was all over this game and ready to suspend anyone that got out of line even just a hair.  Typical.  Never get the real infraction, just the retaliation.  But again, I think it was a smart move.  Besides, the Sabres' revenge was in a 6-0 humiliation.  And Tucker was -2.  Sweet.

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