thank you, dana

My cousin, Dana, is returning to Camp Pendleton this weekend after spending 8 months serving in the USMC in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  She's safe.  And she's almost home.  Thank God.  I am so proud of my little cousin, I can't even say how much.

Let's all give a little thanks for all the men and women who bravely go into harm's way for their country.  And pray for their safe return.


5 Responses to “thank you, dana”

  1. blagermeister Says:

    Amen. Thanks, Dana!

  2. purefnevyl Says:

    It is nice to hear stories of soldiers coming home alive and in one piece. No Matter how one feels about the war. Everyone should support our troops. Protesters who say different can all get bent.

  3. KevinP Says:

    Agreed. Thanks, Dana. And thank you to everyone in our armed forces.

  4. LC Scotty Says:

    Glad to hear she’s coming home safe. Tell her some random dude says thanks.

  5. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Thank you Dana. Your efforts are appreciated.

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