and so it begins

What an absolutely glorious day out there.  And again, free lunch on another local transportation company.  This time I had steak and shrimp from Applebee's.  Good stuff. 

Anyways, friday morning will likely be my first golf outing of the year at Southshore Country Club in Hamburg.  What sucks is that I'll probably have to work in the afternoon.  So tonight I'll have to dig out the clubs and hope I can find my shoes.  And get another dozen balls – it's wet out there and I'm sure plugging is going to be rampant.  But I'll be golfing, and I won't care.

Posting will be light this evening as I will be attending the Sabres game…

2 Responses to “and so it begins”

  1. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Free food? Again? I need a job that feeds me. Enjoy the game tonight. I’ll see you this weekend.

  2. RandomThoughts101 Says:

    Sean, you are coming home this weekend?

    Drat, I won’t be back in town until Tuesday evening.

    I agre, what’s with all the free food? We do have “free bagel Fridays”at our office but that’s about it expect for the annual Christmas luncheon.

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