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This started as a response to KevinP in an earlier post, but I got to rambling on and I thought it wouldn't hurt to get it out there further….. 

Kevin wrote this:

Most husbands today share in all aspects of family life, but are generally shown by the media (on sitcoms and ads) to be a bunch of bumbling dorks.

Watch how many commercials show the poor, helpless Dad/husband be rescued by SuperMom. Compare and contrast with real life.

Sadly, as you may have noticed, this attitude is starting to be reflected in the thoughts and words of today's society.  I'm not saying there's a major hot war between the sexes right now, but I can see a few shots being fired here and there.  I think I saw it on Law & Order (dear Jesus, what issue have they not covered) about a guy that was using the marginalization of men as a part of an insanity defense. The shrink, Skoda I think it was, said somerthing to this effect: Today's society bombards men with messages that they're not good enough. That men all need to be fixed in some way to function as society wants them to. That men are not good enough 'as is'. Then as the female ADA says "I can't believe I have to listen to this" Skoda says that it proves his point.

If you watch TV at all, there's no denying that there's a common theme to many family-centered sit-coms. Well meaning/bumbling father and, as KevinP says, Supermom. You're right, Kevin. Dead on.

Now I hear you, folks.  I understand that it is just TV.  But whether you like to admit it or not, TV reflects what and who we are.  I've never believed that TV has that great an influence on society.  I think it's the other way around.

What's sad about this is that at the same time men are hearing this message of inadequacy from society as reflected in TV programming, we hear a lot about how not having a father is destructive to a child's development.  So what gives? Are we serious about that or is the father just a covenient scapegoat?  And if a father is so important, why the judicial bias against men in family court issues?  I don't pretend to have these answers, but I think asking them leads to a legitimate discussion of what exactly society expects from the male of the species.  Maureen Dowd asks, "Are Men Necessary?"  And considering the mixed messages of society, I'm not sure that some men aren't thinking the same thing.


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