american freaking idol

So who's going to get voted off?  I didn't catch the whole thing, but I thought Paris wasn't so good, and I never even heard of the song that the bald guy did.  And I thought I knew Queen.  And I'm sorry Sean, but I think Taylor Hicks needs to go away.  He's too worried about dancing and not enough about singing.  I almost wish I had Tivo for the results show, but I would just rather look it up online later….


5 Responses to “american freaking idol”

  1. Derek J. Punaro Says:

    Paris has been highly overrated since day 1. Katherine and Ace should round out the bottom three. My guess? Ace.

  2. » Blog Archive » Idol Says:

    […] Red got me thinking that I should log my Idol prediction before the show is actually over. I picked Chris Daughtry pretty much since they went to Hollywood. I’m sticking with that prediction. If by some chance he does get voted off, he’ll have the first album out, and you can be sure it will outsell the winner’s. […]

  3. Red Says:

    Oh, I ought to put my prediction in there…I think it’ll be Ace going bye, bye as well.

  4. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    I hope Ace goes home as well. Paris is getting very annoying, she can go whenever, too.

  5. Sean McLaughlin Says:

    Taylor Hicks is the most entertaining of all the contestants. He wont win because he doesnt fit the mold of American Idol, but I would pay to see him perform before any of those idiots.

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