here’s a scary show

My wife was watching a show tonight – OK, so was I – that was called "Honey We're Killing The Kids".  That's some show.  The idea is to show the parents how the bad eating habits their kids have are going to eventually kill them.  Then the families get intensive instruction in how to be healthier.  So not only do we get to see the train wreck that American kids' health has become, we get to smirk at their struggles on TV.  Fun for everyone!!!

Seriously, the health of kids in the US ought to be a hell of a concern.  And I guess if this show shines a light on it even a little bit, I shouldn't make too much fun of it.  But is it me, or does anyone else find it disturbing what people will do to get on TV?  Whether it an "educational" show like this one or Jerry Springer, it seems like there's always someone willing to put themselves out there.


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