news on the casino

I got to the paper a little late this morning, so this is probably being talked about everywhere.  The Senecas intend the Buffalo Creek casino to serve pretty much Buffalo and the 'burbs.  That's what the Seneca Gaming Corp.'s SEC filing says, anyways.  So they don't really expect too much in the way of out of town visitors, huh?  Gee, that's not what they told the general public, if recall correctly.

I'm not against this casino because I am some self-righteous morality enforcement agency.  There are enough people out there staffing that agency, and frankly you're not going to stop people from doing stupid and wasteful and hurtful things by shouting a slogan or passing a resolution.  I just watched a comedian last night that had a great line: You can't fix stupid.  So I don't bother. 

You know why I don't like this idea?  It's just stupid to give away a bunch of good land to a sovereign nation so they can put up something with very little economic value to your city and as a matter of fact probably suck out a ton of cash from you residents and then throw a crumb or two your way and make you like it.  What makes it worse is that the state – which is ignoring some of the reasons your city's in the shitter to begin with and could help if only it got its balls out of desk drawer of some PAC chairman or other special interest – is complicit in the deal and is taking the biggest crumb that is getting thrown out there.

And if you want to hear me rant about that $6 million in improvements that Barry Snyder is asking for, look here.

I don't know what's going to happen.  There are some lawsuits that are yet to come to fruition that might stop this thing.  But I don't think it would hurt to know the whole truth about what the Senecas are really after.


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